Welcome to Flick + Flack’s OSCAR CENTRAL: 2013!

5 Oscars; golden, shiny, and ready to go for 2013!!!This year’s Oscars are getting particularly heated. While last year (and the one before, and the one before, and the one before, and so on and so on) there was a clear front runner, this year seems to be one of the most exciting in recent memory. We admit the Oscars are, to varying degrees, filled with suspense each and every year. But this time there are more question marks in the air than before. So now, until the Oscar ceremony is over, join Flick and Flack as they bring you on a journey through this year’s awards season. So without further ado, here is Flick and Flack’s Oscar Central: from our website, by us, for the readers, to paraphrase a scene from Lincoln. Here you will find articles by us about awards season and links to other peoples’ opinions/predictions/news. Also note, while this is called Oscar Central, there will be news about other movie awards ceremonies.

One more note… The voters, who determine the Oscar nominees and then winners, are made up of critics and moviemakers!

2013 Oscar Predictions (Flick and Flack’s Video)
All the categories. All the predictions. All the runner ups. It’s Oscar time…and Flick and Flack are here to cover it all in a 20 minute special. Watch as they dissect each and every category. And of course, tune into the Seth MacFarlane hosted show on Sunday, February 24th. More info here.

Flack Oscar Predictions for Other Categories (Flack’s Predictions)

Steven Spielberg, the director of Lincoln (2012)

Here are my predictions for the 2012/13 Oscars for the big, most important categories only. Watch the nominations being unveiled, tomorrow morning (more details at the end of the article). Read more here.

Predictions For the 85th Annual Academy Awards Best Picture Category (Flack’s Predictions)

Daniel-Day Lewis riding a horse in Lincoln (2012)

Here are my predictions for the Best Picture category:

Best Picture:
Just like last year, the 2013 Oscars will allow for 5-10 movies to be nominated for Best Picture. Voters will fill out ballots with their 10 favorite movies of the year. Movies with at least 5% of the number one votes (last year the number of ballots was projected to be around 240) to get a Best Picture nomination.

I’m guessing the following 9 films will get Best Picture nominations:
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85th Annual 2013 Oscar Predictions (Flick’s Predictions)

This year’s 85th Annual Academy Award (better known as the Oscars) nominations will be announced on January 10th. The actual show will take place on Febuary 24th. What does that mean? It means that Flick and Flack will be posting a bunch in the following months. The show will be hosted by Seth McFarlane, director of last summer’s Ted and TV’s Family Guy.

I’ll start off by listing what I think are the ten films that have the best chance at snagging a Best Picture nom. The smallest amount of Best Picture nominees is five and the highest is ten, so, to hope for the most, I’m listing a full ten. I’ll also list my ideas on the other main categories.
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Oscar predictions from other sources:

Roger Ebert has his predictions here. Although he’s one of our favorite movie critics, we disagree with some of his picks. Nonetheless you should definitely check out his interesting predictions for the ceremony.