Flick and Flack: Filmography

Ethan (Flick) and Dylan (Flack): Filmography

End of Days - movie 2015

Written/Directed/Edited by Dylan & Ethan Itkin
Starring Rachel Wasser
USA / 9 min 23 sec / 2015

In the unspecified post-apocalyptic future, there is a shortage of food and water. The only human left is a teen girl, wandering in search of signs of life and clues about her past.



Written and Directed by Dylan & Ethan Itkin
Starring Harry Wasser, Rachel Wasser, Sue Abbotson
Edited by Dylan Itkin, Ethan Itkin, Ryan Stevenson
USA / 5 min 20 sec / November 2014

At the bakery, a mysterious woman offers Leo a chance to decide his own future. But will he be able to make a personal sacrifice?


Robot-and-Boy ROBOT & BOY
Directed, Written and Starring: Dylan and Ethan Itkin
Also Starring Harry Wasser, Grace Kelly and Carson Laundry
USA / 24 min / August 2013

A thrilling, heartfelt boy and robot friendship tale that’ll warm your heart, make you laugh and have you on the edge of your seat! Jacob is a bullied 11 year old whose life changes when he befriends a surprise visitor.  But a riveting adventure begins when this “visitor” realizes it’s time to get back home and Jacob decides he must confront his worst fear.



Directed, Written and Starring Dylan and Ethan Itkin
Also Starring Alex Matthews
USA / 22 min / May 2013

Max and Matt are at Mashapaug Pond…With nothing to do. But, after they discover a nefarious doctor who will stop at nothing to destroy all ponds, the boys realize the fate of the pond is in their hands. What ensues is a funny, action-packed adventure that is sure to thrill you.