Flick and Flack star in Shuttercal Ad!

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Flick and Flack love Shuttercal, the locally created website that allows you to upload a photo every day for 1 year creating a visual document through 365 days worth of photos. We started using Shuttercal this year and have been thoroughly enjoying it. We like being able to capture every day moments, memories, events, and happenings with such an easy, unique tool. When we were asked to star in this ad, we couldn’t resist. We had fun meeting the creators and filmmakers and filming the ad and we hope you have just as much fun watching it! And with just the click of a button you can watch it below.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (Flick’s Review)

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3 1/2 stars

Walter Mitty, a middle-aged man, works at LIFE magazine as a negative asset manager and he daydreams…A lot. Over his 16 years at the magazine, Walter has worked on many of famous photographer Sean O’Connel’s photographs and yet Walter has never met him. The magazine’s final issue is to be released and the front cover photo by Sean supposedly reveals “the quintessence of life”. But, when Walter can’t find the photo he must travel to find it and in doing so hope to meet Sean, get the girl, and figure out what the quintessence is.


And so is the plot of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Ben Stiller’s new film which he directs and stars in. The film, which was released Christmas Day, is a serious drama, a ridiculously fun adventure, and a witty comedy. It’s tough to master these three genres in the same film, but Stiller does a fair job. This is his directorial debut and 26 years after his first film, you can see he’s taken some insight into the many directors he’s seen at work. His performance of Mitty is great and he gets the wacky/witty comedy down pat: the film is at times very goofy thanks largely to Stiller’s Mitty. He also does a good job with the drama which there is a lot of. Stiller surrounds himself with an only mediocre cast: Kristen Wiig doesn’t have much to do as Mitty’s love interest, Adam Scott misses his mark as the film’s antagonist, and Sean Penn’s brief appearance doesn’t quite live up to the anticipation of his mysterious character that builds throughout the film.

DF-11070-Edit - Ben Stiller in THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY.

The standout here is the cinematography and score. Stuart Dryburgh’s perfectly framed shots bring to mind photographs. All of the meticulous framing goes out the window, however, when Walter starts to daydream: Dryburgh captures the out-of-this-world adventure with handheld shots that manage the same amount of spirit and meaning as the perfectly framed shots. All of the visuals are aided by Theodore Shaipro, José González, and Mark Graham’s soulful score which is aided further by a variety of artists’ other songs (David Bowie, Of Monsters & Men, and Jack Johnson).

The film isn’t perfect, but it stands out in a season of teenage adventure films, adult dramas, and terrible animated kids films. Through it’s hit-and-miss moments, it always manages to shine through with’s it’s optimistic plot and good hearted moral. If The Scret Life of Walter Mitty is one thing, it’s original and I hope that doesn’t stay secret for long.

2013 Summer Wrap-up Video (Flick + Flack)

Posted on | September 2, 2013 | 1 Comment

Flick and Flack discuss the highs and lows of Summer Movies 2013. It’s been a (mostly) great summer for film but now it’s time to say so long to the backup singers, comic book superheroes, and other characters that had us riveted at the movies. Goodbye summer, hello fall movie season….

War Horse: Behind the Play and With the Horses!

Posted on | June 8, 2013 | 1 Comment

A scene from War HorseIn this 13 minute video, Flick and Flack give you a sneak peak at War Horse. Filmed at a PPAC press event, this short film includes anecdotes from an interview with actor Brandon Drea and the Joey the horse puppeteers. Horse kisses, fascinating behind the scenes tidbits, the play’s trailer, and some incredible horse jumps! What more could you want? More info on the play, here.

Flick and Flack Interview Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black!

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Flick and Flack interview illustrator Tony DiTerlizzi and author Holly Black, who collaborated on the New York Times bestselling fantasy book series The Spiderwick Chronicles. Watch the fascinating interview above to see the two discuss Spiderwick (which was turned into a feature film, also discussed) and their favorite book to movie adaptions.; The interview took place at a book signing at Barrington Books to celebrate the 10 anniversary of the book series.

TIFF Staff Double-Bill

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Flick and Flack interview TIFF Director of Programming Shane Smith about TIFF Kids 2013, his favorite films, and more in this fascinating, candid talk.

Flack interviews Industry Services Coordinator Geoff McNaughton about his job, top movies, and more. The greatest part is when Geoff spills a few secrets of TIFF 2013.

TIFF Escalating!

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What? “TIFF Escalating?” Flick and Flack have put a spin on the usual video reviews you’ve come accustomed to. Here’s the catch: As we review the films, we are both standing on the TIFF escalators. As they elevate us to the next level, we review the film we’ve just seen in approximately a minute a.k.a the time it takes for us to travel up the escalator. It may dizzy you just a bit, but it does give us an opportunity to zip through our reviews at a startling pace.

Watch ’em all here on Vimeo. TIFF (and us!) just got escalated to a whole new level!

Flick + Flack interview Director Maryam Milani

Posted on | April 15, 2013 | 2 Comments

Flick and Flack were fortunate to sit down with Maryam Milani, Iranian director of The Rooster Trademark Paper. We talked about the film, working with child actors, the reason why Milani made the movie, and much more. Below you can watch the entire interview.

Flick + Flack interview Director Jonathan Kalafer

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Flick and Flack interview Jonathan Kalafer, director of Once in a Lullaby. It’s a magnificent must-see documentary that charts the PS22 Chorus as they make their way from humble school beginnings to global internet fame and, eventually, a closing performance of “Over The Rainbow” at the 2011 Oscars. In our chat with the director he discusses how the film came to be, the editing process, going to the Academy Awards, and much more. A highlight? When Jonathan describes filming a “lost at the Oscars” sequence. If you get a chance at seeing the movie, watch it. It’s moving, fascinating, and an all around 5 star film! Inspiring, emotional, exciting…you’ll definitely be searching the chorus on YouTube after the film.

PS22 Chorus at the Academy Awards

TIFF Kids 2013

Posted on | April 13, 2013 | 1 Comment

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