Robot and Boy T-Shirt! (Available for Limited Time)

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Flick and Flack aren’t just movie critics anymore. We’re filmmakers, too. Our most recent film, Robot and Boy, is a touching 24 minute sci-fi adventure about a robot who lands on earth and the boy who takes care of him.

Robot and Boy - Q and A

We were lucky enough to show the film in the Youth Filmaker Show at the 2014 Providence Children’s Film Festival (just a few weeks ago). We loved having the opportunity to share our film with more than 200 people. After the screening, we participated in a Q&A with our cast and other filmmakers. You can read all about the event in the Brown Daily Herald.

So far, Robot and Boy has been a success. But for success to continue…we need your support! That’s why we’re selling a limited edition Robot and Boy T-shirt. The shirt has beautiful artwork on the front and credits on the back. Trust us, it’s awesome. With an affordable price and cool design, how could you miss out? You must order before Wed. March 5th at 9pm ET,  so get yours at:  teespring.com/robotandboy

Robot and Boy - t-shirt front Robot and Boy - t-shirt back

Sesame Street Treat: Flick + Flack meet Joey and Murray!

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Flack talks with Murray from Sesame Street abut his favorite (and least favorite!) letter, best friends, and favorite movies. For the first time ever Flick and Flack meet a Henson friend! Murray was kind and interesting to talk with. Plus, he said the name of our website which is AWESOME!

Flick and Flack interview master puppeteer Joey Mazzarino. He talks about getting into the Sesame Street business, meeting Jim Henson, and whether or not there’s a possibility of a Sesame Street film in this day and age.

TIFF Staff Double-Bill

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Flick and Flack interview TIFF Director of Programming Shane Smith about TIFF Kids 2013, his favorite films, and more in this fascinating, candid talk.

Flack interviews Industry Services Coordinator Geoff McNaughton about his job, top movies, and more. The greatest part is when Geoff spills a few secrets of TIFF 2013.

TIFF Escalating!

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What? “TIFF Escalating?” Flick and Flack have put a spin on the usual video reviews you’ve come accustomed to. Here’s the catch: As we review the films, we are both standing on the TIFF escalators. As they elevate us to the next level, we review the film we’ve just seen in approximately a minute a.k.a the time it takes for us to travel up the escalator. It may dizzy you just a bit, but it does give us an opportunity to zip through our reviews at a startling pace.

Watch ’em all here on Vimeo. TIFF (and us!) just got escalated to a whole new level!

Flick + Flack interview Director Maryam Milani

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Flick and Flack were fortunate to sit down with Maryam Milani, Iranian director of The Rooster Trademark Paper. We talked about the film, working with child actors, the reason why Milani made the movie, and much more. Below you can watch the entire interview.

Flick + Flack interview Director Jonathan Kalafer

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Flick and Flack interview Jonathan Kalafer, director of Once in a Lullaby. It’s a magnificent must-see documentary that charts the PS22 Chorus as they make their way from humble school beginnings to global internet fame and, eventually, a closing performance of “Over The Rainbow” at the 2011 Oscars. In our chat with the director he discusses how the film came to be, the editing process, going to the Academy Awards, and much more. A highlight? When Jonathan describes filming a “lost at the Oscars” sequence. If you get a chance at seeing the movie, watch it. It’s moving, fascinating, and an all around 5 star film! Inspiring, emotional, exciting…you’ll definitely be searching the chorus on YouTube after the film.

PS22 Chorus at the Academy Awards

TIFF Kids 2013

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The Big Interview: Cano Rojas and Enrico Rossini Cullen

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We had the opportunity to interview the director, Cano Rojas, and producer, Enrico Rossini Cullen, of The Human Tower. We talked about how they managed to cut hours and hours into 75 minutes, the power of the towers, a chunk of the footage that they loved but cut, and more.

Flick and Flack on NBC…AGAIN!!!!!!

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That’s right! Flick and Flack were interviewed by Mario Hilario for the second time! They discuss this year’s PCFF. It’s a brief, but fun interview. Below you can watch it.

Flick + Flack 2013 PCFF Preview

Posted on | February 2, 2013 | 5 Comments

In this video Flick and Flack list their 5 favorite films from the 2013 Providence Children’s Film Festival and give some age recommendations.

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