A Preview of PCFF 2016

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PCFF 2016See Films from Around the World at the Providence Children’s Film Festival


The Providence Children’s Film Festival is back for its seventh year, with an out-of-this-world lineup of films, workshops, and Q&As. The fest takes place from February 6-21, coinciding during school break, and showcases movies that not only kids but the whole family will enjoy. At the Festival, there are live-action, animated, documentary, short, and feature films from all around the world. This Festival doesn’t show familiar Hollywood kids fare, but more challenging, exciting, entertaining films. This year’s line-up includes documentaries about boxing and body-image, the story of an orchestra made from trash, a Buster Keaton classic, a Dutch sci-fi adventure, and so much more.

PCFF 2016One particular highlight from this year is The Year We Thought About Love, a poignant, personal documentary about a teen LGBTQ acting group from Boston. For 70 minutes, the film gives viewers a look into the lives of a group with their own unique challenges and personalities. Movies like these give us a window into other experiences only film can provide, and the Festival features many films like this. T. Rex is a standout as well, another documentary about overcoming prejudice and dealing with challenging life circumstances by doing what you love, but with a very different subject matter. The movie tracks 17 year-old Claressa “T-Rex” Shields as she boxes her way from a troubled neighborhood in Flint, Michigan to the stages of the 2012 Olympics. Until then, women’s boxing was not held at the Olympics but Shields proves she can fight as hard as anyone.

Not all the movies playing this year are tough, inspirational documentaries. T.I.M. is a fictional futuristic tale of a friendship between a boy and a robot, and an ultimate quest. The Australian Paper Planes is about a young boy who discovers he can make incredible paper airplanes. He uses his skill to get into a paper plane championship, while grieving over his mother’s death and dealing with an emotionally distant father. The Festival is also showing one film that wasn’t released in the last couple years, or even in this century. That would be The General, Buster Keaton’s 1926 comedy about trains, romance, and the Civil War. The film is often ranked as one of the greatest of all time, so don’t miss a chance to see the black-and-white classic on the silver screen.

PCFF 2016The Providence Children’s Film Festival isn’t only about watching movies, though. The festival also has Film Talks and presentations following some movies, which give audiences a chance to hear and discuss the films. There are also workshops for kids who don’t just want to watch but make movies. Instructors teach budding filmmakers stop-motion animation, sound effects, and live action during these classes. Over the past six years, the Festival has become one of the leading children’s film festivals in the nation by bringing a diverse selection of movies to audiences in Rhode Island. Come to the Festival this February, and you’ll be entertained, educated, excited, and surrounded by other film lovers. Most of all, you’ll have a great time at the movies.

For more information about Festival schedule, venues, age guidelines, and how to buy tickets, visit the website: www.pcffri.org


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