Movie Lover Musts: A Holiday Gift-Guide

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Boyhood on Blu-RayThe holiday season is (gasp!) here, which means it’s presents-shopping time. If one of your relatives/friends is a film buff, get them something from this list, which includes books, Blu-Rays, and more.

The Disc: Boyhood (Blu-Ray)

DVD/Blu-Ray company The Criterion Collection has earned a legion of fans with their terrific film releases, stuffed with special features and gorgeous artwork. Many film buffs were thrilled when, in a July interview with the website Hypable, director Richard Linklater confirmed and discussed a Blu-Ray Criterion release for his critically-acclaimed indie Boyhood. A month later, news surfaced: the film would not be getting the the Criterion treatment. Sniff, sniff. Now get the next best thing, by preordering the Blu-Ray release (which comes with a few featureless) just in time for the holidays.Linklater’s 12-year saga of 21st century childhood encourages repeat viewings and, with a nearly 3-hour running time, it’s the perfect choice for a Christmas-day adults movie night.

The Wes Anderson CollectionThe Coffee-Table Book: The Wes Anderson Collection

If you didn’t know this 336-page beauty was written by Matt Zoller Seitz, you’d think Wes Anderson made it himself. Like an Anderson film, the book has an impeccable visual sense, bizarre attention-to-detail, dry humor, and a gently quirky tone. Seitz, however, deserves enormous credit for making this immense, informative, and thoroughly entertaining tome. The book features essays on Anderson’s first seven films, as well as interviews with him about each of them. From the gorgeous color-photos to the revealing conversations, it’s my new favorite film book, period.

What I Love About MoviesAnother Coffee-Table Book: What I Love About Movies

This oversized book, from indie film mag Little White Lies, poses the same question to 50 of the film world’s best: what do you love about movies? Answers come from Wes Anderson, Francis Ford Coppola, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Quentin Tarantino, Steven Soderbergh, the Coens, and many more. My only question: when do I get to read this book?

Movie ticketsThe No-Brainer: Movie Tickets

It’s what every film fan wants, and the new year promises plenty cinematic treats. With new installments in all of Hollywood’s major franchises (Star Wars, The Avengers, Jurassic Park, James Bond, The Hunger Games, and even the Peanuts), 2015 might be the biggest year for blockbusters…ever? On the other hand, the more sophisticated film fan will appreciate new releases from auteurs like Spielberg, Tarantino, and the Coens.

Criterion DesignsThe Splurge: Criterion Designs

All die-hard movie aficionados love Criterion’s carefully crafted DVD releases. Now you can drool over their packages’ beautiful cover artwork with this 300-plus page coffee-table extravaganza. Collecting three decades of artwork, the book showcases designs for releases ranging from Seven Samurai to Safety Last and Rushmore. (Granted, you’ll need to shell out $60.)

The Filmmaker Says: Quotes, Quips, and Words of WisdomThe Stocking Stuffer: The Filmmaker Says: Quotes, Quips, and Words of Wisdom 

A pocket-sized must for aspiring filmmakers, this book collects tidbits from Charlie Chaplin, Kathryn Bigelow, Akira Kurasawa, and more. Here’s a featured quote, from Frank Capra: “No saint, no pope, no general, no sultan, has ever had the power that a filmmaker has—the power to talk to hundreds of millions of people for two hours in the dark.”

Star Wars: The Complete SagaThe Preparation: Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Blu-Ray)

Episode IIV is coming. Get ready.


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