2013 Providence Children’s Film Festival: Videos on Vimeo

Posted on | February 20, 2013 | Add Comments

Just by reading the title of this post might confuse you. No worries, Flick and Flack are here to explain how you’ll be able to watch this year’s interviews from the fest. Instead of uploading all of the interviews into our site, we’ve decided to simply link to Vimeo. There you’ll be able to watch all of the videos we filmed with kids and adults reviewing the movies that played at the 2013 PCFF. Click here to for the link to the 2013 PCFF video reviews. Now…START WATCHING!

Note: Our interviews with directors, screenwriters, executive producers, documentary filmmakers, film festival programmers, and a whole lot more (there were a lot this year) will be uploaded as separate posts on the site.


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