13 Reasons Why PCFF 2013 Is The Best PCFF Yet!!!

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2013 Providence Children's Film Festival PosterOur 2013 PCFF interviews are coming soon, but let’s focus on the now for now. The following list presents the 13 reasons (in no particular order) why this year’s Providence Children’s Film Festival is the best fest of all 4 years. Here we go…

1. THE VENUES From the cozy couches and crunchy popcorn of the Cable Car to the big screen vista of the RISD Auditorium and the small but fun artyness of the Metcalf, this year’s three theaters couldn’t have been any better.

2. THE FOOD Just because the RISD Auditorium and Metcalf did not allow food didn’t prevent great eating. The popular Rosie’s food truck and Cable Car Cafe’s bagels, sandwiches, and snacks were hits. But as for the best food during the festival? Here’s some hints: It comes in a red box. You can get free refills. It is the best movie snack of all time. You probably guessed it… POPCORN! The Cable Car’s popcorn is the best popcorn ever!!!

3. THE FUN From movie-making workshops to flipbooks (and of course some very fun films) this year’s fest didn’t lack in entertainment.

4. ORIGINALITY Unlike some kid film festivals, the PCFF isn’t just a local way to see big blockbusters. It’s a chance to see movies that are hard to see anywhere else.. But not only that, you get to see documentaries, foreign films, local films, and independent films. What could be better!?

5. VOTING This year’s movie voting was terrific. Part of the fun of attending was sharing your opinion!

Award-winning PCFF film Wunderkinder6. THE WINNERS Both the award winning shorts and features were well deserved. And in case you didn’t know, the winners are…


3. Goldfish Love

2. Young(ish)

1. Maybe


3. Salaam Dunk

2. Kauwboy

1. Wunderkinder

7. THE STAFF The people working at the fest were amazing!!! Friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable; exactly what you want!

8. THE FILM TALKS The “Film Talks” (a fancy way of saying Q & A’s) were fascinating. If the following PCFF description doesn’t get you interested, I don’t know what will: Deepen the experience of the Providence Children’s Film Festival! Our Film Talks will provide additional education about challenging topics, access to film writers, directors and program staff, and the opportunity to engage in thought-provoking dialogue.

9. THE UNSTOPPABILITY Just because the workshops got re-scheduled and there was horrid weather doesn’t mean the PCFF didn’t prosper…and then some! The attendance was two thumbs up!!!

Flick and Flack talk PCFF 2013 on NBC10. THE JUNIOR JURORS Thanks to the group of junior jurors, the PCFF gets a feel of the films that kids will enjoy!

11. THE SPONSORS Thanks to a great collection of sponsors the PCFF continues to happen!

12. THE SHORT FILMS Both the three Your Shorts Are Showin’ and the Kid Flix and Party Mix compilations were shortastic!!!

An action adventure scene from PCFF film Twigson in Trouble13. THE FEATURE FILMS (Last and most important…) This year’s movie line-up was the best yet. The opening night excitement of enjoyable werewolf family film Alfie the Little Werewolf. The haunting climactic scene of award-winning Holocaust drama Wunderkinder. The pulse-pounding action of adventure filled Bacalar. The knockout lead performance of the tragic Kauwboy. The interesting interviews of concussion doc Head Games. The moral complexities of animated masterpiece Le Tableau. The thrilling final basketball game of Iraq doc Salaam Dunk. The exciting mysteries of Tom Und Hacke. The old school animation of sequel Lotte and the Moonstone Secret. The originality of School’s Out and animal cuteness of Steson. The comedic moments of the action-packed Wickie and the Treasure of the Gods. The gloomy but funny tone of family drama Tony 10. The “Did that seriously just happen!?” visuals of parkour epic People in Motion. The old fashioned entertainment of friendship adventure Twigson in Trouble. The educational yet awesome human tower doc The Human Tower. The hilariously hilarious hilarity of Charlie Chaplin classic classic Modern Times (for proof watch the food machine scene). PCFF movies are incredible.

Attend. Enjoy. Experience. Any questions!? Oh, and COME NEXT YEAR!!!


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