Happy Birthday Bond……James Bond

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Today celebrates 50 years of James Bond (or Global James Bond Day). On October 5th, 1962 Dr. No first premiered at the London Pavilion and was shone to an audience for the first time. The film (and some of the other movies in the series that followed) was based on the 13 books in the series by Ian Fleming. Three days later it opened in the rest of the UK and on May 8th it opened in the US. Last Friday the box set of Blu-Ray sets that we ordered came. The set includes all the James Bond movies in Blu-Ray format and over 120 hours of bonus material. If you love James Bond and have a Blu-Ray player you’ll want Bond 50. We’d never seen a single Bond film until last weekend when we watched the first two, Dr. No and From Russia With Love, both fun, solid movies with Sean Connery as the most classic, most loved version of the character. So how will you celebrate half a century of the most ongoing franchise ever?????!!!!! Will it be watching Goldfinger for the first time (or perhaps tenth time in your case) as we might. Maybe you’ll take a Bond quiz to see how much you really know. You could visit the James Bond website. Or will it be watching Dr. No, Casiano Royale, GoldenEye, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, License To Kill, Moonraker or any of the James Bond movies. You could dress up as the character or listen to the extremely catchy music (the theme, Goldfinger, or any of the others). You could watch all the trailers of Skyfall. Perhaps head over to NPR’s site to listen up on their Bond celebration. Or, least costly yet very appropriate, you could say Bond… James Bond (or you own name) and then blare the theme music! One last thing: You can also look forward to a truckload, yes truckload of posting about Bond, from reviews to previews, and more.

Here (in chronological order) are the six James Bonds. Can you guess who’s who? Also in the comments, tell us your favorite Bond and your thoughts on 50 years of the spy.

Sean Connery as Bond

George Lazenby as BondRoger Moore as BondTimothy Dalton as BondPierce Brosnan as BondDaniel Craig as Bond


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