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Here is some movie news:
The Jazz Singer (1927)

It has been exactly 85 years since the first talkie premiered 85 years ago today when the romantic musical drama The Jazz Singer, starring Al Johnson, debuted at Warner Bros. Flagship Theater in New York City. I have not seen the film but would someday like too. It was remade twice, in 1953 (with Danny Thomas) and 1980 (with Neil Diamond).


Wondering if there are any great family movies to see over the long weekend? Frankenweenie, the new Tim Burton stop motion animated horror comedy, seems like a great choice. It’s a black and white IMAX 3-D homage to old horror movies such as Frankenstein (1931). Here’s the IMDB plot summary: Young Victor conducts a science experiment to bring his beloved dog Sparky back to life, only to face unintended, sometimes monstrous, consequences. Sounds like Burton at his Burtony best. To prepare for the film you could watch some of the classic Universal horror movies or Tim Burton’s original Frankenweenie short from 1984.

Also many movie trailers have been released recently such as The Lone Ranger and The Croods. There have also been new trailers for Lincoln and Wreck-It Ralph. All of these films look interesting. The Croods seems that it would be so-so, Lincoln will probably become a classic, Wreck-It Ralph seems fun, and The Lone Ranger could have potential. Lincoln will almost undoubtedly be the best but the others seem entertaining and a great time at the movies.

Expect more movie news from Flack coming up soon, including some special early Oscar predictions.


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