Idris Elba: A Star is Born

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Idris Elba stars in last week’s Prometheus and he’ll also star in next years Gullmerio del Toro film Pacific Rim. Why did a little known African American become Ridely Scott and del Toro’s new stars? Read on.

Before Prometheus Idris Elba had starred in Thor, American Gangster (a Scott film), Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (some crazy Nicholas Cage action movie), and more. But now (for some unbeknownst to me), Elba is now in the spotlight with Prometheus. While his role is small in the sci-fi horror epic and there’s also big names like Michael Fassbender and Charlize Theron, Elba must have been… noticed because after all del Toro picked him up for his movie about robots and monsters and Elba.Of his new film del Toro says, “It’s about world saving but it’s not a military movie. I want an adventure movie, the kind you saw as a kid – a western or a space movie.” (Del Toro said this in an interview with the British film magazine Total Film. The issue in which the Pacific Rim article appears is the Summer 2012 issue. It is available at newsstands and on the iPad now.)

Elba is also currently filming No Good Deed and Long Walk to Freedom (in which he is rumored to play Nelson Mandela). His films Pacific Rim and They Die by Dawn are currently in post production. Four films in the future? One of them being a huge sequel (Thor 2)? One of them in which he is rumored to star as Nelson Mandela? Elba is one busy guy. But will his next four films be any good? Will I see any of them? Maybe Thor 2. Will they be commercially and critically successful? Only time will tell. (Note: With so many movies changing their release dates all four of Elba’s films might come out tomorrow. So watch your multiplexs and… have a nice day.)


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