Spider Man 3 (Flick’s Review)

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3 stars

There’s three new villains: the Sandman, Venom, and the new Green Goblin. Each one has a different connection with Peter Parker. Peter is also ready to ask Mary Jane Watson to marry him, but Peter’s Spider Man life interferes.

After an amazing follow up to a decent superhero film, could the final installment in the Spider Man trilogy be any better? Alas, it possibly could, but it isn’t (although it’s as or almost as good as the first). The first half is promising: Sam Raimi, hot off his brilliant Spider Man 2, carries over some of that brilliance in this final adventure. But as soon as Peter starts dancing on the street, the film falls apart. What is this cheesy scene doing in such a serious film? The first half is very serious, as relationships start to crinkle and friendships start to fade away. I never thought I would say this, but Spider Man 3 is melancholic at times. In the first twenty minutes it becomes obvious this is the final film in the series. The emotion, action and especially villains (there’s three) are having the very last drops of juice squirted out. Unfortunately, that juice runs out in the second half. Fortunately, it is revived in the tear jerking climax that includes lots of action, a track that contains something that sounds a bit like West Side Story, and a finale that is (you won’t believe this) depressing.

That said, the second half (other than the climax), truly does run out of gas. The Gwen Stacy character (we’ll see her again played by Emma Stone in the new The Amazing Spider Man) is bland and only adds another ten minutes to the one-hundred-thirty-nine minute total running time. There are a lot of scenes that certainly should have been left on the cutting room floor. In fact, about thirty minutes of this could have gotten the axe… and the result? An even more serious, depressing movie still filled with endless battles crazy villains. Speaking of villains…The great thing about the three villains is that each one has a personal connection with Spider Man himself. That means when the confrontation comes, Raimi and his crew can stage a personal battle with heart. But this a superhero movie, so they don’t. Instead the chaos begins. But whenever the villains are on screen their presence is sensed and their evil is obvious. But they are deeper and even darker than you think. Too bad the entire movie isn’t.

My favorite character is Peter Parker/Spider Man because he is struggling with villains and his friends, and yet he mostly manages to keep a straight mind and remember what is most important.

My favorite scene is the climax because it is depressing alongside overflowing with grim action that fan boys won’t be able to pry away from.

Spider Man 3 is rated PG-13 for sequences of intense action violence and I agree.

Unfortunately, this is the worst of the trilogy. That’s because of a clunky and silly second half. That’s not to say, the first half and especially the climax are great. With a hint depressing emotions, lots of action and more than enough wonderful villains, this could have been better. But for all of the reasons I just listed this is pretty good.


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