Spider Man 2 (Flick’s Review)

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4 stars

Peter Parker/Spider Man is having a tough time deciding whether or not to be a hero or to be with the woman he loves, Mary Jane Watson. There’s also a new villain, Doctor Octopus who was formerly a scientist. But when his project got out of hand, he became a six armed “octopus” (four mechanical arms, two human arms). Spider Man must decide what is most important to him: crime  fighting or being with MJ.

Spider Man 2 is not your average superhero movie. It’s focused more on relationships and human feelings than mind blowing action. The villain in the film is not as key to the plot as Mary Jane is. And Spider Man is questioning whether or not he wants to be Spider Man. This makes for an interesting plot, that could end up feeling like a soap opera, but doesn’t. Instead it feels like the characters are having real conversations, and not just carelessly throwing lines of dialogue out of the window. Unlike in Spider Man (the first installment), Spider Man (the character) doesn’t run off doing things, making up his mind on the way. Here he struggles with maintaining friendships with the people he has been friends with forever.All of these elements are significant, but the love interest between Peter and MJ is the heart of the film. Everything else happens because of it. I’m worrying about Spider Man 3 (which I haven’t seen yet). Will the love story continue with the same interesting what’s-gonna-happen-next intensity? I sure hope. If the love story hadn’t worked the film would have failed. So for a superhero film revolved around a love story, this is great.

My favorite character is Peter Parker/Spider Man because it’s interesting to see what decisions he makes in tough situations. I think he makes the right decisions.

My favorite scene is when Peter Parker and Mary Jane are walking together (in the second half of the film) because it has real emotion, it’s key to the story, and both actors acting are decent (they’re not great).

Spider Man 2 is a rare superhero treat: it has fast paced action but it also has emotional aspects and characters complicated enough to latch onto. Go Spidey!


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