Invictus (Flick’s Review)

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4 stars

After twenty seven years of being in jail, Nelson Mandela was released. What does he do now? First he gets elected South African president. Next, he focuses on helping the Springboks, a down on their luck rugby team to get to the  Rugby World Cup and unite his country. The blacks want to forget about the time when the whites controlled them so they want to change the name and uniform colors of the Springboks. If they can make it to the World Cup where one billion people will watch the game, Mandela thinks he will be able to show people that whites and blacks can work together.

Invictus is the first Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman, and Matt Damon film I’ve ever seen. All three do an amazing job. First, Eastwood. He directs with a strong idea: the film isn’t focused on the life of Mandela, it’s focused on Mandela helping the Springboks win the World Cup. Eastwood fabulously orchestrates the performances, music, script, and more to amount to an engaging film.

Then there’s the two central performances: Freeman and Damon. Freeman is wonderful as he plays Mandela with vivid intensity that is genius. Meanwhile, Damon is superb as he sports his rugby talent and speaks in a decent Afrikaan accent. As for the rest of the cast they all give spot-on performances as well.Is there anything wrong with this film? I’ve been praising it the entire review. But yes, the film could have been tweaked. Mandela gives many speeches in the first half of the movie, but in the second half he gives very little. Either he’s lost his voice or gave up hope in the team (although I think, truly, Eastwood failed to spread out the speeches). The final climactic game feels as if it ends three times before it really does and a bit more of getting to know the individual team players would have been nice. Then again, the film is already well over two hours.

My favorite character is Nelson Mandela because he never gave up and instead of trying to kill the people who had put him in jail for twenty seven years, he ran and was elected South African president and immediately started trying to make the world a better place.

My favorite scene is when Nelson Mandela and Francois Pienaar discuss inspiration because Freeman and Damon are great and the dialogue is inspiring.

Invictus is rated PG-13 for brief strong language. I would add complex situations.

Eastwood disaplays genius as he tells the story of Mandela and the South African underdog rugby team. But it’s not just Eastwood who should be credited for this: it’s also every other person involved in the picture.


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