A Bug’s Life (Flick’s Review)

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4 1/2 stars

Flick, an ant lives on Ant Island with many, many other ants. Every year they pick food for the grasshoppers and for themselves. Until one year, Flick accidentally knocks down all of the food, letting it fall into the water. The grasshoppers are angry and tell the ants to pick double the food. But Flick decides to look for bigger ants that will help them fight the grasshoppers and rid them of their current way of life where the grasshoppers control the ants.

A Bug’s Life is a movie for kids and adults and grandparents and aunts and uncles… just like every other Pixar production this buggy tale has something for everyone. However because I’m not a two-year-old (or a ninety year old for that matter), this review will be strictly focused on my personal opinions on the film.

Pixar has barely made a film with humans as the main characters: from the robots of Wall-E, to the fish of Finding Nemo, to the toys of the Toy Story films, to the cars of the Cars films, it has become apparent that Pixar doesn’t give humans the lead roles. In my opinion, that always makes for more exciting characters. At first, the audience has preconceived notions about how they won’t be able to sit through an hour and a half movie staring at bugs the entire time. Because of Pixar, those people had better think twice. And yet, bugs? Will it work? Yes it did (and does, this film has an everlasting appeal). About fifteen minutes in, the bugs start to seem like odd looking humans.

The story is simpler than most Pixar films (Wall-E, the Toy Story films, The Incredibles, Up), but it holds up for the running length of the film and in the climax I could hear light bulbs going off inside the Pixar crew. Speaking of the climax, well I’ll speak about it a bit more. The climax is the best; it’s not billions of loud noises of loud things going boom. What it is is little chase scenes with characters who (by the end of their mini battle) have developed. It’s a lot of fun to watch these smaller battles become what is fair to call an epic. That’s right, an epic. (I love that word.)

My favorite character is Flick because I like his name (obviously) and his oddball ideas end up helping everyone.

My favorite scene is the climax because it is wonderfully put together and it is leagues ahead of today’s kaboom-kapow effects.

Pixar’s second feature isn’t it’s best, but it still serves up their regular dose of action, comedy, and story.


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