Spider Man (Flick’s Review)

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3 1/2 stars

Peter Parker is an outsider; nobody likes him. He lives with his grandparents and he has a crush on his next door neighbor, M.J. Then, one day, while on a school field trip, Peter gets bitten by a spider… and everything changes. Now Peter is Spider Man and he must save NYC from The Green Goblin.

Spider Man has never been my favorite superhero. Superman is the best, with his super strength and see through vision. At the same time, he’s a modest, honest guy (no rhyme intended) trying to seem normal. (I also like Batman, but for now I’m sticking to Superman.) Spider Man is very similar to Superman, but this review is focused on Spidey, not Superman.

Sam Raimi’s Spider Man is an intimate superhero film. At times it’s a high school teen movie, at times it’s a melodrama, at times it’s a crazy action movie, but it’s always a joyful movie. Whether Spidey is swinging from building to building, or Peter is talking to M.J., there’s always one thing connecting the film together: Tobey Maguire. Maguire plays Parker as a weak teen whom nobody likes, he shows us that Peter is an outsider, he’s bullied, he doesn’t have any friends. This works perfectly. The problem with Maguire is that when he’s Spidey, it seems as if he’s not.In my opinion he should play a heroic Spidey. Spidey as we know him.As for the rest of the cast everybody is pretty good: Willem Defoe plays William Osborn and the Green Goblin with an evil snare (he’s at his best when he plays both characters at the same time), Kirstin Dunst plays M.J., she might not give a wonderful performance, but when she does have a key role, and the worst supporting performance is James Franco who plays Harry Osborn with his usual blank look and stiff acting (although he’s better here than he was at the Oscars).

Action scenes have never been so fun. When Spidey masters web slinging we get to watch him go up and down, up and down, up and down, up and down, side to side, side to side. It looks amazing (let’s hope it looks amazing in the upcoming The Amazing Spider Man), too bad they put all of it on the menu.

The Spidey here is fun, no doubt about that. But work could be done. I hope part two is an improvement, as for part three… I’ll start with part two.

My favorite character is Peter Parker/Spider Man because he has to do deal with so many things and it’s cool when he web slings himself around NYC.

My favorite scene is a tie between the scene when Ben Parker (Peter’s uncle) says to Peter “With great power comes great responsibility” because those words echo (not literally) throughout the rest of the film as an ongoing moral and the last scene (I won’t spoil it) because it opens up endless possibilities for Spider Man 2 and it wraps the film up better than any action sequence ever could.

Spider Man is rated PG-13 and I agree.

Spider Man is fun and it leaves a heap of possibilities for the sequel, but it’s nowhere near perfect.


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  1. Richard Alan Scott
    May 24th, 2012 @ 8:15 pm

    We can only hope that the remake is as good. Many think it’s too soon, but I always appreciate any attempts to be creative and mess with stuff.

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