Men in Black (Flick’s Review)

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3 1/2 stars

After being recruited, Agent J joins Agent K to protect the world from alien invaders.

Men in Black is the kind of movie you would think you watch and then it’s over and  then you don’t really think about it… But it’s not. The film achieves something better. It manages to be lot’s of fun with all of the chills and thrills you expect from a sci-fi film starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, and yet after watching it, it wasn’t swiped from my memory. I can still remember it very clearly. That’s good.

Smith and Jones have excellent chemistry in this film; if Smith throws a line at Jones, Jones will quip right back. That’s the essence of the movie, these two central performances. The entire film is witty; it’s as if your average a-couple-of-guys-go-save-the-world-from-aliens-movie was wittified (if that’s even a word). The action blends perfectly with the wit. After all, watch Smith and Jones battle aliens would be nowhere near as fun without the pair yelling comical lines at each other or vice versa.But, wit and aliens can only carry a film so far. In other words, Men in Black could have used a bit more heft. Somewhere in the middle of the film it gets lost, though fortunately, not for long. The doctor character, Laurel is halfway between a romantic interest for Jay and a damsel in distress: it’s too bad that she’s not good at being either one. But come on! Are damsels in distress and ten minutes of a storyline gong wrong, enough to spoil the fun in Men in Black? Even if you’re zapped with Jones’ “flashy red thing”, the answer is no.

My favorite character is Agent J because he proves his worth and Smith executes his lines hilariously.

My favorite scene is when J gets his MIB outfit on because Danny Elfman’s score is creepy (as always) and Smith gets to deliver the best line in the movie.

Men in Black is a lot of fun. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are wonderful, Danny Elfman livens things up with his heart-racing score, and Barry Sonnenfield brings it all together with his direction. Modern sci-fi films could learn a lesson here: invest us in your characters and then use your gazillion $ effects. It’s just too bad that the difference between Men in Black and Transformers, etc. is that MIB makes sci-fi look good.


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