Summer Movies 2012 Part 2: Flack’s Critics Predictions

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Now that you’ve heard all about money and box-office predictions it’s time to learn about something else: critics. I will be talking about how 10 movies are likely to do brilliantly with critics and my educated guesses at what their Rotten Tomatoes scores will be. Rotten Tomatoes (in case you don’t know about it) is a movie website that compiles hundreds of critics reviews and then ranks them on a scale of 100%, with 1% being the worst and 100% being the best.  If a movie is above 60% it is”fresh” and if it is below 60% it is “rotten.” From blockbusters I’ve already talked about that are likely to be critically acclaimed, to festival favorites you’ve never heard of, there’s star studded indies and summer Oscar hopefuls, I’ve selected a wide range of films that critics are bound to love. Without further ado the 10 movies are…….

The Avengers11. The Avengers Release Date: May 4th  Why critics will like it:  Iron Man got a 94% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. If this one combines wit, humor, chemistry, action, adventure, a great story, and awesome special effects in the same way that the May 2008 blockbuster did, then this one will do great! Why Critics might not like it: Iron Man 2 got a 74%: fresh but not great… The other Marvel movies are also not as beloved (Thor: 77% fresh, Captain America: The First Avenger: 79% fresh, Hulk: 62% fresh, The Incredible Hulk: 66% fresh) but with the characters combined you never know: they could work better together. Still, hopefully there will be a good story and the special effects will hopefully not take over the movie!

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel10. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Release Date: May 4th  Why Critics will like it: This movie stars Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Bill Nighy, Tom Wikinson, and Dev Patel. Alone, that’s a good reason for critics to probably like it. John Madden, the director also won Best Picture for Shakespeare in Love. But Steven Spielberg famously won Best Director that year in 1998 for Saving Private Ryan and beat John Madden. Why critics might not like it: The director also made the 2011 film, The Debt which got a 76% fresh which is a lot less than Shakespeare in Love‘s 93% fresh. Also as of now The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel only has a 77% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.  Rotten Tomatoes guess: 82%.

The Wettest County9. The Wettest County Release Date: August 31st Why Critics will like it: This movie stars Tom Hardy, Shia Labeouf, Jessica Chaistan, Guy Pearce,Gary Oldman, Noah Taylor, and Mia Waskowska. The cast is o.k. but not as star studded as it could be. But what is the main reason this is a standout Summer Oscar hopeful? The Weinstein brothers are producing it.  Why critics might not like it: The star of Transformers is in this movie. Uh-oh!   Rotten Tomatoes guess: 83%

The Amazing Spider-Man8. The Amazing Spider-Man Release Date: July 3rd Why Critics will like it: The director is more known for independent movies, the star was in The Social Network, and the trailer looks amazingly well done. I think this movie will have a good story, but not exactly an original one. Spider-Man (Sam Raimi/Tobey Maguire version from 2002) got an 89% fresh and Spider-Man 2 got a 93% fresh.  If this new movie is like the first two then it won’t do that bad. Why critics might not like it:  Spider-Man 3 got a 63% fresh, which Empire Magazine called the 50th worst movie of all time. Hopefully this one won’t be as bad as that one. Rotten Tomatoes guess: 85%

The Intouchables7. The Intouchables Release Date: May 25th Why Critics will like it: Harvey Weinstein brought the movie to the US version.  After having his movies win Oscars 2 years in a row, it would be hard to bet against him. It was nominated for 8 awards (including some of the main ones) and won best actor (Omar Sy) at the Cesars (like France’s Oscars) Why critics might not like it: There have been some rotten French reviews, and it’s hard to tell if that will affect the movie. One last note: This movie was beat out by The Artist at the Cesars Awards.  Rotten Tomatoes guess: 88%

Prometheus6. Prometheus Release Date: June 8 Why Critics will like it: Alien got a 96% fresh and Aliens (directed by James Cameron) got a 100%  fresh. This movie is directed by Ridley Scott (once again) and has a cast including Idris Elba, Charlize Theron, Michael Fassebender, Patrick Wilson and Noomi Rapace (the original Girl WithThe Dragon Tattoo). Why critics might not like it: Alien 3 got a 39% splat and Alien 4: Resurrection got a 55% splat. Luckily Prometheus is not a sequel, although there will probably be Prometheus sequels.  Rotten Tomatoes guess: 90%

To Rome With Love5. To Rome With Love Release Date: June 22nd  Why Critics will like it: Woody Allen’s best reviewed movie of the 2000’s just came out on June 10, 2011 (Midnight in Paris with a 93% fresh). His latest movie is about people in Italy and the adventures and romances that they have. The cast isn’t as star studded as Midnight in Paris‘ but the movie still stars Woody Allen, Jesse Eisinberg, Penelope Cruz, Ellen Page, Judy Davis, Roberto Beginini, and Alec Baldwin. Why Critics might not like it: The reaction to the trailer has been so-so and Allen’s recent movies have not always fared well (the 2010 film You Will Meet A Tall Dark Starnger got a 44% splat and  the 2009 movie Whatever Works got a 50% splat). Also opening on June 22nd are Brave and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Althought these three films are vying for completly different audiences To Rome With Love will be a failre at the box office at least compared to those two filmsRotten Tomatoes Guess: 90%

Beats of the Southern Wild4. Beats of the Southern Wild Release Date: June 27th Why Critics will like it: This is the most acclaimed movie of this year’s Sundance film festival. Based on what I’ve heard about it, this seems a lot like The Tree of Life of 2012 with monsters. Sounds interesting. Why critics might not like it: Critics were divided about The Tree of Life despite it’s 84% fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes. They probably won’t agree about this movie also but just as with The Tree of Life people will love this film. Rotten Tomatoes guess: 92%

The Dark Knight Rises3. The Dark Knight Rises Release Date: July 20th  Why Critics will like it: Batman Begins got a 85% fresh and The Dark Knight got a 94%. This one will probably follow more in The Dark Knight’s lead. Why critics might not like it: Without Heath Ledger’s Oscar winning Joker will people still like it? Probably but I still definetly don’t think that Tom Hardy will win an Oscar for his performance as the  new bad guy, Bane. Rotten Tomatoes guess: 93%

Moonrise Kingdom2. Moonrise Kingdom Release Date: May 25th  Why Critics will like it: This movie seems like it will turn out to be the Midnight in Paris of the year (an opening night Cannes comedy romance that’s made by a famous director, has a great cast, makes some money, and then ends up maybe even getting a few Oscar nominations and one win) and because that movie got a 93% fresh this film should get great reviews. Why critics might not like it: Will critics (as they did with Midnight in Paris) find the movie a bit too light? Maybe but probably not too much. Rotten Tomatoes guess: 95%

Savages1. Savages Release Date: July 6th  Why Critics will like it: This movie stars Benicio Del Toro, Taylor Kitsch (who described the movie as Pulp Fiction meets Goodfellas), Blake Lively,  Uma Thurman, John Travolta, Aaron Johnson, Demian Bramchir, Emie Hirsh, and Salma Hayek. It’s a drama thriller directed by two time Academy Award winner Oliver Stone. I also think that it’s the most Oscar friendly movie of the Summer. Why critics might not like it: Oliver Stone’s recent movies have been badly reviewed (Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps got a 55% splat which is a lot less than Wall Street’s 78% fresh). Also the cast might not have chemistry and there could be too many characters. Rotten Tomatoes guess: 96%

Well now we’ll just have to sit back and watch how things turn out!!!!! Part 3 is coming soon!!!!!



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