Rear Window (Flack’s Review)

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5 Stars

Rear Window is based on the short story “It Had To Be Murder.” The movie tells the story of L.B. Jefferies, a photographer with a broken leg in a cast.  Because he gets stuck in his apartment with nothing to do because he’s in a wheelchair he decides to look at his neighbors.  There are dogs, husbands, wives, and others that he peeks out at. But when he thinks he sees a man commit murder, his time-wasting game becomes something much more.  He is joined in uncovering the mystery by his girlfriend, his nurse and an old detective friend. Together they must solve the possible crime.

Rear Window Poster

Rear Window is a masterpiece.  Alfred Hitchcock creates a fascinating story and develops interesting characters that make the mystery more emotional.  You care for the characters and don’t want them to get hurt.  Jimmy Stewart does a great job as L.B. Jefferies but I must admit it was weird watching George Bailey in a murder mystery movie. Stewart isn’t quite as good or at least as iconic as he was in It’s a Wonderful Life, but he’s still perfect in this.  Grace Kelly plays his girlfriend and Thelma Ritter plays the nurse. Ritter steals every scene she’s in because of her pitch-perfect comic timing.  Although some would argue the story is cliche and at times predictable, I would have to disagree.  Except for a romantic subplot in a distant window, everything in the story adds to the mystery.  The climax of bone tingling action sequences is riveting due not only to the actors but also to Hitchcock.

rear window from apartment

Another thing that surprised me was that the actors were not only great but also as important to the story as Hitchcock’s direction.  It’s also interesting how the whole movie is set largely in one apartment room.

My favorite scene is the part when the suspected murderer walks into L.B.’s room because it’s is super scary and super suspenseful!!!!!  And freaky!!!!!

My favorite character is L.B. Jefferies because he is likeable.  Also Stewart does a good job making you want him to stay safe and not get hurt (after all he already is)!

L.B. with a camera

Rear Window is better than the two other Alfred Hitchcock movies I’ve seen (the entertainingly enjoyable 1959 North by Northwest and the so-so 1934 The Man Who Knew Too Much.)  Rear Window is well acted , suspenseful, exciting, full of mystery, funny, fascinating, perfect, a classic, masterfully edited, and most of all terrifically directed by Alfred Hitchcock!!!!!


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