Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (Flick’s Review)

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3 stars

Indiana Jones and his friends race against Irena Spalko and other Russian soldiers in order to get the crystal skull in the mythical city, Akator. The legend has it, whoever obtains the skull is granted control over it’s unearthly powers. Also, Indy reunites with an old time friend and deals with a double agent.

After a nine year hiatus from the big screen our favorite archeologist returned in 2008 with this over two hour epic that brought back old characters and introduced Indy fans to the supernatural. This is without a doubt entertainment. The franchise would have been better off without the preternatural and yes, Harrison Ford’s performance isn’t quite what I hoped for, but at least the man with the fedora and whip is back.

Indy and his friend, “Mac” are held captive by the Russians. The first five minutes of the film I can’t really argue with, but then, comes Area 51 where the E.T. and Close Encounter‘s feel is thrown into the mix. I really have no idea why Steven Spielberg wanted to bring back alien elements from his old films into his new Indy film. Anyway, it just doesn’t work here because Indy has never seen aliens before and the aliens are only in the film for about two minutes.While I wish there weren’t any aliens, the action scenes are fast moving, epic and easy to follow which makes for some superb battles. The chase with the cars in the jungle in particular is one of the best scenes in the film, simply because every movement in the sword fight, every turn of the wheel in the car chase and every line of dialogue is choreographed in an exciting way. Even better? Spielberg manages to have the sword fight, the car chase and the dialogue all happening at the same time without anything becoming confusing. The editing, by Michael Kahn is quick and the cinematography, by Janusz Kaminski is bold. The rest of the film, however is anything but bold; it’s full (and I mean full) of fun action but the story is lacking in many ways. It lacks the suspense that the first and third delivered and it’s also more predictable which is not what you would hope for in a Spielberg film. Picture this metaphor: Indy is riding in a car and he’s zooming along (the action scenes are swift) but the tires, what’s holding the entire truck up are wobbling and flattening. The tires are the story and the story is falling apart.

My favorite character is Indiana Jones because he’s funny and adventurous.

My favorite scene is when Indy, Mutt, Marian Ravenwood, Oxley, Mac, Irena, Dovchenko and the other Russian soldiers are in the boats/cars in the jungle because it’s full of action, sword fighting and lots of fun.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is rated PG-13 for adventure violence and scary images and I agree.

Spielberg’s forth Indy film doesn’t rival the first and third, however it does bring back the classic Indy fun, despite it’s many plot flaws.


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  1. Abid
    March 30th, 2012 @ 10:04 am

    From your review, the film is worth seeing. You have good points but early version is still my favorite.

  2. flickflack
    April 2nd, 2012 @ 7:16 am

    If you have a chance you should rent it, but see Pina first.
    Thanks for the comment! From,Flick

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