A Great Year for Brad Pitt

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This truly has been a great year for Brad Pitt in the world of film. He started the year off starring in and producing The Tree of Life, a truly cinematic film about the meaning of life, then in May he starred in and produced Moneyball, a film about Billy Beane who changed the way baseball players are traded and finally in November he voiced Will the Krill in Happy Feet Two (which I didn’t see). Now the awards season is in full swing (the Academy Award nominations were announced yesterday) and Pitt has garnered a nod for Best Actor. In this article I’ll review Pitt’s performances and discuss whether or not the Oscars were spot on. Read on.

Lets start with The Tree of Life. This is certainly Pitt’s best performance of the year. Pitt masterfully embodies Mr O’Brien a strict father of three kids married to a woman played by Jessica Chastain.  However, what’s really amazing about Pitt’s performance in Tree of Life  is the fierceness that Pitt resembles. The character of Mr. O’Bren is very interesting, especially his relationship with one of his sons Jack. Pitt also produced this film, but I think he made this decision for a couple million more bucks. Either way I’m glad Pitt decided to star in such a diverse film.

Bennet Miller’s film is also very interesting, but also very different from  Tree of Life. Before I go any farther, I just want to say that I am not a baseball fan or even a sports fan, but for some reason Moneyball just did it for me. I was hooked and I sat very still in my seat. Pitt’s performance overall is very good and deserves much attention. Not only is Pitt good in this film, but the character of Billy Beane is complexly captivating onto its self. Beane wants to be independent, diverse, unlike the others.

Alright you’ve heard what I think of Pitt’s performances from last year, but did the Academy get it right? And the answer is… No! Pitt was great in both Tree of Life and Moneyball but if I had to pick one performance it would have to be Tree of Life. Although Pitt’s role was more secondary than front and center, ultimately this doesn’t matter. As long as the performance is good I’m hooked.  Fortunately, I wouldn’t trade Pitt to another team if I was directing.


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