The Adventures of Tintin (Flack’s Review)

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4 stars
The Adventures of Tintin tells the story of a boy reporter named Tintin. He goes on a journey with the drunken Captain Haddock and together they must find a lost ship called the Unicorn. Out to stop them is Sakharine and a gang of criminals. They travel around the globe and go from a massive cargo ship to a burning airplane. But will they unlock the secret of the Unicorn?

Steven Spielberg directs this Indiana Jones-ish animated family film. Compared to War Horse this is nothing. Compared to Alvin and the Chipmunks this is Oscar-worthy. The movie does not have much of a story and one scene involving a pirate battle flashback goes on forever. Even though the scene is essential to the plot it could have been cut shorter. However with the brilliant motion capture animation and some of the funniest scenes of the year, this is a movie you won’t want to miss. The action scenes are dizzingly exciting and the CG is very realistic. Jamie Bell as Tintin isn’t nearly as iconic as Harrison Ford, but he does an O.K. job. Andy Serkis, the master of mo-cap (motion-capture) is memorable as Captain Haddock. Other action movie actors lending their voices to characters include Daniel Craig and Toby Jones.

The animation is some of the best I’ve ever seen and the pace is so relentless that you won’t care that you don’t ever get emotionally attached to any of the characters. The battle scenes are awesome and the mo-cap is miles better than the 2009 Disney A Christmas Carol‘s video game-ish style.

My favorite character is Tintin because he is the classic adventure hero. It’s also cool when he swings into your face in 3-D.

My favorite scene is when Tintin and Captain Haddock battle the bad guys on the boat because it’s one of the most exciting battle scenes of the year. It’s also just very fun to watch in 3-D.

The Adventures of Tintin is exciting and it has great CG mo-cap Animation. It’s a must see in 3-D and there’s a great John Williams score. Sure, it’s nowhere as good as E.T.but it’s still loads of fun. The story’s not great or emotional, but if you think about it Raiders of the Lost Ark’s story wasn’t amazing either. However this movie copies Indiana Jones a little and none of the actors are as iconic as Harrison Ford which means it’s not as great as Indy 1. But if you want an animated movie then this a good one. However early hopes of being nominated for the Best Picture Oscar will soon be diminished. I do think that Spielberg has crafted a movie good enough to definetly win the Best Animated Movie Oscar. Thrilling, hilarious, gorgeous, and with a great opening credits sequence, this a movie that’s fun for the whole family. All those people begging for a Indy sequel that’s as good as the first can watch this movie and have a great time even if this time Spielberg makes the action that’s not gory a bit more important than the story.


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