Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, and Dracula (Flack’s Triple Movie Halloween Special Review)

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This is a tiny bit late for Halloween, but hope you enjoy my takes on these classic Universal horror movies from the 1930’s.  Frankenstein in based on a book by Mary Shelley, portrayed by Elsa Lanchester, the actress who also plays the Bride.  Dracula is based on a book by Bram Stoker.  We can’t wait to see the other horror films from that time, including:  Wolf Man, The Mummy, Creature from the Black Lagoon, and The Invisible Man.

Frankenstein is a movie about a man named Henry Frankenstein. One day Henry creates a monster and lots of things go wrong. The monster is nice but misunderstood (which means he kills people, because others haven’t taught him any better).  But will Frankenstein be stopped and taught any better and will he ever stop killing people?

Bride of Frankenstein continues the tale, as a man named Dr. Pretorius  lures Henry into trying to create a bride for the monster.  Meanwhile, the monster gets smarter, but will others treat him nicely, will he love his bride, and will she love him?

Dracula tells the story of a vampire named Count Dracula, a lady name Mina, and the people who try to stop the Count, including Van Helsing and Jonathan Harker.   When Mina is tortured by Dracula and possibly turned into a vampire, it’s up to Jonathan, Van Helsing, and Mina’s Dad to stop the Count.

All of these films are well done, not half baked, and Universal Studios can certainly make a good horror movie. The question is which one is the best.  And now I shall tell you.  Boris Karloff is terrific as Frankenstein in both the original and the sequel and Bela Lugosi is haunting as Dracula. Frankenstein is very fascinating, yet like all three of these films could do with just a tad bit more depth. The actresses do a pretty good job especially Helen Chandler as Mina (however none of them can scream as well as Fay Wray in King Kong (1933).  Una O’Connor from The Adventures of Robin Hood is very funny as Minny.  The look of Bride of Frankenstein is absolutely stunning, it’s as if the lab from a scientific documentary was crossed with a sci-fi movie’s sets. Frankenstein’s gothic style is well done.  Dracula is much slower than the other two films and could use some better pacing and flair but the second half of the movie is simply entertaining (as well as a bit simple.) The special effects in Bride of Frankenstein are  spectacular spectacle at it’s best, especially the explosion in the grand finale.  All the movies have their iconic moments.  The scene when the Count says “My name is Draaaaaaaacuuula”.  The Bride of Frankenstein being revealed.  And best of all, Henry Frankenstein screaming “It’s alive!!! ITTTTT’SSSSS ALLLLIVVVVEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  All of these films are classic, but there could have been an added fifty minutes so instead of seventy minutes, they would be 120, adding a bit more depth to the story.  However one of the greatest charms of the films is that they are enjoyably entertaining. If they were any longer the fun creepiness might drown out..  These films are all about equal, except for Dracula, which has slower pacing and plot.  But the best is Bride of Frankenstein, even though the original is very entertaining.  These movies are good to watch anytime, but especially during Halloween.

My favorite scenes in Frankenstein are the climax and the “It’s Alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” line because they’re scary, classic, and action packed.  My favorite characters are the Monster, because he’s iconic and his makeup is cool.  I also like Colin Clive as Henry Frankenstein because he portrays the character of a truly, mad, mad scientist.  Both of these characters have become classics.

My favorite scene in The Bride of Frankenstein is the climactic final sequence. I love it because it’s stylish and the set designs are amazingly awesome. My favorite character is the Monster, because Karloff is even better than in the first one, mainly because he talks and does a good job in the scene with the blind man.

My favorite scene in Dracula is finding out the secret about Mina.  It’s mysteriously thrilling.  My favorite character is Dracula, because Bela Lugosi is very good at being quietly scary and using mounting tension to do so.

These movies are not rated, but I think they should be PG, for intense sequences of action, very brief torture, smoking, and some scary scenes and screams.


5 Responses to “Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, and Dracula (Flack’s Triple Movie Halloween Special Review)”

  1. Abid
    November 2nd, 2011 @ 9:46 pm

    I did not see the movie before but the review is very good . It is thoughtful to deal with every part of the movie. Did you get scare watching the horror movies?

  2. Ida Mae Raoof
    November 2nd, 2011 @ 9:51 pm

    This very impressive. It is well written, thoughtful and enjoyable. It makes me want to see the the movies again.

  3. Andrea Itkin
    November 5th, 2011 @ 7:45 am

    Although it’s true these films are relatively short, it’s also true that I spent many many hours of my childhood watching them over and over whenever they would play on TV. Whenever Uncle Steve or I saw someone with a bad permanent wave, we would make a rude reference to the Bride of Frankenstein. (Still do).

  4. flickflack
    November 5th, 2011 @ 6:38 pm

    I wasn’t that scared. The special effects are dated but great for their time. Thanks for the comment. See you soon.

  5. Steve Itkin
    November 14th, 2011 @ 1:02 pm

    I agree with the reviews of “Franky” and “Bride”. I still can watch them over and over and notice something new everytime. I recommend “The Wolfman” as well; with Lon Chaney, Jr. “Bride” is my favorite. See you next week.

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