Superman 2 (Flack’s Review)

Posted on | August 21, 2011 | 3 Comments

This is the sequel to the 1978 blockbuster that starred Christopher Reeve as the title character. It is about Superman/Clark Kent. Three villains including the evil General Zod travel from Krypton to Earth to destroy everything. Meanwhile Superman’s romance with Lois Lane gets complicated as he must decide whether to reveal to her that he is Clark Kent.

This film is not nearly as good as the five-star original classic, Superman. Most of it is too silly to be taken seriously unlike the original that had a few jokes that fit in into the movie’s plot and tone. In fact, this film is more like the 1966 Batman movie (based on the TV show) than its predecessor. The best part of the film is the battle at the end. The action is stunning and awesome and is not too silly.

My favorite character is Superman. At least Christopher Reeve still does a good job and is in fact better than in the original because the chemistry with Margot Kidder  (who plays Lois Lane) is good and the parts with him deciding what to tell her are very well performed.

I give this film 3 stars. The only good things are the wonderful performances from Gene Hackman as Lex Luther (although he is not as good as in the original mainly because he is sillier like most of the other characters) to Margot Kidder as Lois Lane. The director, Richard Lesters other films are very good. He has directed both Help! and A Hard Day’s Night as well the 1973 Three Musketeers that starred Richard Chamberlin and Michael York. Maybe they should have kept Richard Donner from the original Superman film because Lester is too silly for this movie even though for his other movies his humorous touch worked very well. The special effects are surprisingly not as good as the original.

If there had been a better story, less silliness,  and more of a focus on Superman/Clark Kent instead of General Zod just throwing things around and his helpers being goofy than maybe this film could have been better. Most of the reviews I had read thought it was as good if not better than the original but I am not sure what they were talking about.

Henry Cavill (above) will play Superman

Superman News: A new Superman is being made and I am pretty sure this one will not be so silly. It is going to be produced by Christopher Nolan who directed The Dark Knight and Batman Begins. Both of those films were well reviewed and I wonder if this one will be. It is going to be directed by Zach Snyder (director of 300 and Watchmen). It will star the mostly unknown actor, Henry Cavill, as the Man of Steel. Amy Adams will play Lois Lane, Russell Crowe will play Superman’s father Jor-el,and Kevin Costner and Diane Lane will play Superman’s adoptive parents, Jonathan and Martha Kent. Laurence Fishburne is rumored to play Perry White, the head of the Daily Planet. As the villain, Michael Shannon will play General Zod and hopefully do a better job than the actor in Superman 2. No one is sure if Lex Luther will make an appearance in the film but if he does I wonder if the actor will be as good as Gene Hackman or Kevin Spacey were when the played the role. It was originally scheduled to be released in December 2012 but Warner Brothers did not want it to compete with its other big release, The Hobbitt Part 1 that Christmas. It is now going to be released June 14, 2013. I would like to see this movie but if it is as dark as Christopher Nolan’s Batman films I probably won’t be allowed to.


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  1. Papa
    August 24th, 2011 @ 2:45 pm

    Good, well thought out review and I too liked the original best. From your description I am looking forward to the next one. Good to see you are back on line.

  2. flickflack
    August 24th, 2011 @ 6:17 pm

    I am looking forward too! A lot of posts and podcasts coming up!!!

  3. Andrea
    September 2nd, 2011 @ 6:45 am

    Your in-depth review is spot on and I’m also very glad to see you back online. The director and casting for the new Superman movie looks pretty intriguing. By the time they complete it, you may even be old enough to watch it.

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