Movie magazines!!!!!!!!!!!!

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empireSoon (thanks to our grandfather) we will be getting a subscription to Entertainment Weekly, a movie magazine. It is not only about movies though; they also talk about music, TV, video games and books. Some of the best movie Entertainment Weekly’s have been about the Oscars, the 2010 Alice in Wonderland, and ninety-six new Summer movies.

On Saturday I bought a magazine called Empire at Borders, which is only about movies, movies and movies.  I like it a little better than Entertainment Weekly.  This issue of Empire is about summer movies.  There are 3 main articles about Robin Hood, Ironman 2, and Prince of Persia.  There’s a crossword puzzle, movie reviews and some DVD reviews.  You might not find it at most magazine shops because it’s from England.

Empire is 162 pages and Entertainment Weekly is only about 100, so Empire has many more articles and facts.  Entertainment Weekly obviously comes out weekly and Empire comes out Monthly.


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