Beetlejuice (Flack’s Review)

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Flack’s rating: 4.7     logos-for-web-siteslogos-for-web-siteslogos-for-web-siteslogos-for-web-sites .7

beetlejuiceThis movie is about Adam and Barbara who one day die in a car crash and turn into ghosts. Everyone thinks they are dead since the living can’t see ghosts. New people move into their house and Adam and Barbara try to stop them by scaring them. Surprisingly the daughter of the new people finds out that Adam and Barbara still live in the house. Adam and Barbara bring back Beetlejuice, not knowing he is an evil dead person by saying his name three times to help them scare the new owners out of their house. Then Adam, Barbara and the daughter find out Beetlejuice is evil and must stop him.


My favorite character is Adam because I think it is very funny when he makes his head the head of a dinosaur.

WARNING SPOILERS!!!!! My favorite part is at the end when Beetlejuice is at the dead people waiting room and has some huge gigantic ticket number like in the billions and grabs ticket number 4 out the hand from the person waiting next to him. I like this scene because it is hilarious.

MPAA Rating: PG.

I rate it PG for scary moments, brief romance, a little mild language and a couple scenes of violence. This movie may be scary for some, I recommend it for 7 and up. Judge accordingly.

Director: Tim Burton
Writers: Michael McDowell (story) & Larry Wilson (story)
Release Date: 30 March 1988 (USA)
Genre: Comedy | Fantasy
Wesbite: www.imdb.com/title/tt0094721/

Awards: 1989    Won Oscar for Best Makeup

Michael Keaton: Beetlejuice
Alec Baldwin: Adam Maitland
Geena Davis: Barbara Maitland
Winona Ryder: Lydia Deetz
Catherine O’Hara: Delia Deetz
Jeffrey Jones: Charles Deetz
Annie McEnroe: Jane Butterfield
Maurice Page: Ernie
Hugo Stanger: Old Bill


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