Who framed Roger Rabbit (Flack’s Review)

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Flack’s Rating: 5 out of 5


This movie is about a mean person named Judge  Doom who has the “dip” which can kill cartoons. A detective named Eddie Valiant must help Roger Rabbit get away from Judge Doom. Now Eddie Valiant the detective, Roger Rabbit a funny cartoon and Jessica Rabbit, Roger’s wife and cartoon singer must get away from Judge Doom and his wolf cartoon helpers.


My favorite character  is Roger Rabbit because I like that he can get handcuffs off him when something  is funny.

My favorite part is the end duel between Judge Doom and Eddie Valiant because I like  the action, funniness and music.

I rate it PG for action violence ,bad language romance and adult themes.

Robert Zemeckis

Gary K. Wolf (novel)
Jeffrey Price (screenplay)
Release Date: June 1988 (USA)

Genre: Animation | Comedy | Crime | Family | Fantasy | Mystery

Awards: Won 4 Oscars.
1989 Won an Oscar for:
Best Effects, Sound Effects Editing

Best Effects, Visual Effects

Best Film Editing

Special Achievement Award
Richard Williams
For animation direction and creation of the cartoon characters.

Bob Hoskins     Eddie Valiant
Christopher Lloyd        Judge Doom
Joanna Cassidy       Dolores
Charles Fleischer         Roger Rabbit / Benny The Cab / Greasy / Psycho (voice)
Stubby Kaye       Marvin Acme
Alan Tilvern    R.K. Maroon
Richard LeParmentier      Lt. Santino (as Richard Le Parmentier)
Lou Hirsch       Baby Herman (voice)
Betsy Brantley   Jessica’s Performance Model
Joel Silver    Raoul
Paul Springer        Augie
Richard Ridings   Angelo
Edwin Craig     Arthritic Cowboy
Lindsay Holiday     Soldier
Mike Edmonds       Stretch


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