WarGames (Flack’s Review)

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This movie is about David a boy who is in High School. He gets a game about wars. He and a girl start a war because of the game and have to stop a war.  My favorite character is David because at the end he plays tic tac toe with the computer named Joshua.WARGAMES_6_still

I rate it PG for mild language, romance, and war discussion.
MPAA rating is PG.

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Matthew Broderick: David
Dabney Coleman:  McKittrick
John Wood:  Falken
Ally Sheedy:  Jennifer
Barry Corbin:  General Beringer
James Ackerman:  Joshua
Juanin Clay:  Pat Healy
Kent Williams:  Cabot
Dennis Lipscomb:  Watson
Joe Dorsey:  Conley
Irving Metzman:  Richter
Michael Ensign:  Beringer’s Aide
William Bogert:  Mr. Lightman
Susan Davis:  Mrs. Lightman
James Tolkan:  Nigan
David Clover:  Stockman
Drew Snyder:  Ayers
John Garber:  Corporal in the Infirmary
Duncan Wilmore:  Major Lem
Billy Ray Sharkey:  Radar Analyst
John Spencer:  Jerry
Michael Madsen:  Steve
Erik Stern:  Commander
Gary Bisig:  Deputy
Gary Sexton:  Technician
Jason Bernard:  Captain Knewt
Frankie Hill:  Airman Fields
Jesse D. Goins:  Sergeant (as Jesse Goins)
Alan Blumenfeld:  Mr. Liggett
Len Lawson:  Boys Vice Principal
Maury Chaykin:  Jim Sting
Eddie Deezen:  Malvin

Trivia: Eddie Deezen who plays computer nerd Malvin in this movie also plays the voice of the know-it-all boy in Polar Express.


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