Kit Kittredge: (Flack’s Review)

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This movie is about a girl, Kit Kittredge who wants to be a reporter for the Cincinnati Register newspaper. But when the editor decides not to publish her first story she is not happy. Her dad must leave to go to Chicago to find a job. Lots of things happen that are not good. Now people move into her house as boarders (my mommy knows that word not me) because her family does not have a lot of money. Now people are getting kicked and robbed. So Kit, one of the new people who moved in, Stirling, and her friend Ruth must unravel the mystery.

My favorite character is Stirling because I think it is funny when he faints in the club house and after Kit asks Ruth and Stirling if they will be her reporter assistants, he says “Do we get paid?” to Kit and she says “No.” and then he says “Alright.”

My favorite part is when the librarian, the magician and the guy with the monkey try to chase Kit, Ruth and Stirling because I think it is funny when guy with the monkey falls down on the tree roots and can’t catch up with the magician (guy who levitates people) and the librarian (girl who drives a book mobile).

Flack’s Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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My rating is PG for romance, huge adult themes, slapstick, and some scenes of action.
Including themes about the Depression and people losing their jobs

Release Date: 2008
Director: Patricia Rozema
Writers (WGA): Ann Peacock (written by). Valerie Tripp (Kit Kittredge stories)
Genre: Drama | Family | Mystery
MPAA Rating: Rated G for General audience
website: http://www.kitkittredge.com/


Abigail Breslin: Margaret Mildred ‘Kit’ Kittredge
Zach Mills: Stirling Howard IV
Madison Davenport: Ruthie Smithens
Stanley Tucci: Jefferson Jasper Berk
Joan Cusack: Miss Lucinda Bond
Julia Ormond: Margaret Kittredge
Dylan Smith: Freidreich
Chris O’Donnell: Jack Kittredge
Wallace Shawn: Mr. Gibson
Jane Krakowski: Miss May Dooley
Kenneth Welsh: Uncle Hendrick
Max Thieriot    : Will Shepherd
Willow Smith: Countee Garby
Glenne Headly: Louise Howard


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  1. GG
    January 1st, 2010 @ 9:10 pm

    Dylan your review has renewed my interest in seeing “Kit”. I would like to find out what the mystery is and also to see if I agree with your pick of favorite character. Thanks for posting this review.

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